Welcome to PerlPress


PerlPress is a static web content management system written in the programming language Perl. It can be used to build up a blog-style website that consists of static files. PerlPress is currently in an early development stage and not yet published.

Static Versus Dynamic Content

Because the website created by PerlPress contains only static (HTML) files, there is no need to have Perl, PHP, database access or something similar available on the webspace. Therefore, almost any primitive and cheap http-accessible webspace is suitable to host such a website. In addition, due to the absence of scripts to create dynamic content the website is immune against attacks that are imposed by those techniques. At last, the execution of scripts to create dynamic content and database accesses are time-consuming processes that causes webpages to load slowly. Although, PerlPress can only produce static webpages you are free to integrate dynamic content in your website to extend its functionality.

The PerlPress Backend

Unlike the website that is produced by PerlPress the PerlPress backend is based on dynamic pages created by Perl/CGI. It is forseen that a user installs the backend in a secure environment apart from the webpage - like the computer at home. In the PerlPress backend one can modify the complete content of the website, like editing, creating or deleting of articles, adding images and so on. If done, PerlPress can build a complete set of files. These files have to be transferred to the webspace to make the changes accessible to the public.

PerlPress Audience

As you may already realized by here, PerlPress is especially suitable for personal websites that are updated occasionaly. In this case, content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal often provide much more functionality than is actually used by a website. PerlPress is directed towards users with experiences in web techniques like HTML, CSS and so on. PerlPress will be published as free software. Therefore, you are able to modify or extend it to suit your individual needs. In this case you are invited to share this modifications so that everyone can make use of it.


You can contact the developer Jan Grosser via contact@perlpress.de.